Gunvor Johansson Kickstarts a brand new novel

I am pleased to welcome Gunvor Johansson to my blog today to talk about her brand new novel, The House by the Lake.  I will hand over to Gunvor to tell you more… My name is Gunvor Johansson and I have finished my first adult novel, which has taken me about three years. Mind you,Continue reading “Gunvor Johansson Kickstarts a brand new novel”

Creative Writing Skills for children

I’m thrilled to welcome Lexi Rees to my website today. Lexi is passionate about encouraging children to write – whatever their ability – and she has just published a brilliant new activity book to do just that. So, without further ado, I will hand you over to Lexi… Thanks so much Isabel for inviting meContinue reading “Creative Writing Skills for children”

Agatha Christie and Janie Juke!

In 1969 there was a young librarian who discovered that all the Agatha Christie novels she had read throughout her childhood could now be put to good use. Read on to find out more… Who is Janie Juke? Janie Juke is a young librarian, living in the fictional Sussex seaside town of Tamarisk Bay inContinue reading “Agatha Christie and Janie Juke!”

Agatha Christie and Isabella Muir

I read my first Agatha Christie novel when I was thirteen years old.  I don’t remember which one it was, but I do remember that it led me to read another and another. Like most authors I am a voracious reader.  Having worked my way through Agatha Christie’s crime fiction I moved on through otherContinue reading “Agatha Christie and Isabella Muir”

Interviewing Patricia M Osborne

When did you first start writing fiction? I’ve always written some fiction but more seriously since 2013 when I began House of Grace. On entering the fictional world I discovered I could transport myself to any time, anywhere and become anyone I wanted to be. I’ve never looked back. What challenges did you experience inContinue reading “Interviewing Patricia M Osborne”

…when I’m 64

‘When I get older, losing my hair Many years from now’ Who remembers hearing these Beatles lyrics for the first time, back in 1967.  Maybe we thought that by the time we reached 64 we would be ‘old’.  It seems laughable now, when 64-year-olds choose to go trekking in their holidays and spend their weekendsContinue reading “…when I’m 64”

Choosing a life of crime

When Agatha Christie’s first crime novel was published in 1920 she was thirty years old.  She was a loved and loving daughter and is described as living in an ‘upper middle-class family’. When Jane Austen’s first novel was published in 1811 she was thirty-six years old.  She too was a loved and loving daughter.  HerContinue reading “Choosing a life of crime”

A world without images

Thank goodness for libraries.  As part of my research into all things ‘sixties’ I have tracked down a fascinating book.  ‘The Neophiliacs’ was written by Christopher Booker and published in 1969.  It turns out that it is now out of print and Amazon are asking over £100 for a copy!  So, you can imagine myContinue reading “A world without images”

Talking and listening

It’s been a fun week! I spent the day on Saturday with two wonderful writing friends talking practically non-stop about words in every genre. One of my friends, Sarah Acton, is a poet extraordinaire! Based in Dorset she runs poetry workshops and nature walks, captivating everyone who attends. The third person in our little chatteringContinue reading “Talking and listening”