Crossing the Line – the first Giuseppe Bianchi mystery

Tragic accident or cold-blooded murder?

Retired Italian detective, Giuseppe Bianchi, travels to England to escape one tragic death, when he comes face-to-face with another. When the body of a teenager is found on a Sussex beach, Giuseppe is drawn to the case – a case with no witnesses, and a case about which no one is prepared to talk.
National news reports of a missing twelve-year-old in Manchester spark fear across the nation. The phrase ‘stranger-danger’ filters into public consciousness. Local reporter, Christina Rossi, already has concerns about her local community. Families are not as close-knit as they first appear.
As the sea mist drifts in and darkness descends, can Giuseppe and Christina discover the truth and prevent another tragedy?

Sussex Crime Mystery series: Book 1

A hit and run accident results in a death and turns a quiet seaside town into a place of fear and suspicion.

Introducing young librarian and amateur sleuth, Janie Juke, who uses all she has learned from her hero, Hercule Poirot, to solve crimes and mysteries.

A young woman, Zara, goes missing, one year to the day that her boyfriend, Joel, was killed in a hit and run. Is Zara in danger? Is she still alive? What really happened to Joel and who is to blame?

 Sussex Crime Mystery series: Book 2

When a stranger asks for your help how do you know what is really at stake?

Lost Property sees amateur sleuth, Janie Juke, take on her first paid case. Janie Juke has developed a reputation for finding missing people. When Hugh Furness asks Janie to track down an old friend, she discovers there is much more at stake than a missing person.


Sussex Crime Mystery series: Book 3

Heart-breaking tragedy or cold-blooded murder?

In The Invisible Case we meet Janie Juke’s aunt Jessica, as she returns from Italy with a enigmatic stranger in tow. Just when Janie was hoping to spend a fun Easter weekend catching up with her Aunt Jessica, who has returned from Italy after nine years of European adventures, the family are caught up with tragedy. Does Jessica’s friend, Luigi, have something to hide? What is the real reason he has come to Tamarisk Bay?

 Sussex Crime novellas: Book 1

Divided we Fall

Christmas 1939 was a Christmas like no other.

With war declared just a few months ago, any thoughts of celebration are overshadowed with worries about loved ones who have gone off to fight.  And it is not just those who are fighting who are a cause for concern.

Sussex Crime novellas: Book 2

More than Ashes

When a community is threatened does it come together or split apart?

It’s one year after the start of World War 2. Coastal communities are coping with relentless German bombings. Hardship is affecting families on every level, from food rationing to clothing shortages. Nearby towns and cities are experiencing looting on a grand scale, with talk of severe punishments – a lifetime in prison; even hanging. 

Sussex Crime novellas: Book 3

Waiting for Sunshine

A glimpse of life through the eyes of a child.

Libby Frobisher is just three years old when she first meets her father. He brings fun and laughter into the Frobisher household, but over the next few years his visits are so infrequent it is like waiting for Christmas to come around. Libby has so many questions about her dad, but her mum and gran seem reluctant to provide any answers. When Libby discovers the truth, it feels like her whole world is turned upside down as she learns that life is far more complex than she could have ever imagined.

The Forgotten Children

A woman’s search to find her son uncovers the shocking truth about one of Britain’s darkest periods.

Struggling with the demons of her past, Emily is a children’s author with a dark secret, and a guilt that threatens to consume her.  For twenty years she has lived in Brighton, England, trying to forget the day they took her baby from her, just hours after he was born.  But now, in the summer of 1987, she decides to begin the search for her son. 

An anthology of short stories

Twelve at Christmas

The stories in this book were inspired by the lyrics of the popular Christmas song, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Each story delves deeper into aspects of many of the characters from the Greenland novels and series written by Christoffer Petersen and the Sussex Crime Mysteries and novels of Isabella Muir. The spirit of Christmas shines out from these the stories, which transport the reader from the far south of England to the furthest reaches of the Arctic.

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