Divided we Fall

A Christmas story about friendship and families.

Christmas is just a few days away, but Christmas 1939 will be like no other.  With war declared just a few months ago, any thoughts of celebration are overshadowed with worries about loved ones who have gone off to fight.  And it is not just those who are fighting who are a cause for concern.

When Philip discovers his best friend, Ronnie, is missing he knows that it is up to him to track him down. Winter has arrived with a vengeance and the heavy snowfall makes the search difficult, even worse when there is the blackout to cope with.

This novella explores the conflicting realities of a war that asked so much from so many.

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Also available in Italian!

what readers are saying about ‘divided we fall

***** ‘This was a fabulous short story, capturing exactly the excitement of Christmas, and how it must have been at the start of the Second World War. Family is at the heart of the story, with two families whose children are friends. Growing up has its own difficulties without them being exacerbated by being called up to fight for your country.’

***** ‘I enjoyed this book and really enjoyed the friendship you see straight away between the characters. With this book you get a real insight into the different feelings the characters are experiencing, and how this affects the families and people around them at what must have been a truly horrendous time. The way it is written really does make you sit up and think of how hard it must have been for everyone living through the war.’

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