Following in Virginia’s footsteps

It would be nice to think that all there is to writing is putting the words on the page.  But even some of our greatest writers have done much more than that.  Let’s look at Virginia Woolf as an example.  She wrote, but she also collaborated with the Bloomsbury Group, ‘that intellectual group of writers and artists’.  She even got involved in publishing her own novels via the Hogarth Press, which she founded in 1917 with her husband Leonard.  An early example of self-publishing perhaps?


One hundred years on and it seems to be more important than ever that when you decide to be a writer you need to also make a commitment to learn several ‘add-on’ occupations.

Tell someone you are a writer and they may imagine you spend your days enjoying the solitude of a log cabin or cosy study, letting your creativity explode onto the page.  Then it’s just a case of tidying it all up, doing a spell-check and sending it off to a publisher.   Isn’t that what fiction writing is all about?

If you are a writer, or if you know a writer, then you will have a clearer idea of the reality of the situation.  Continue reading Following in Virginia’s footsteps