Why we love crime!

Walk into any bookshop and you will see a whole host of fictional genres – history, romance, supernatural, science fiction, thrillers…and crime.  And, even if you’re not a reader, you can turn the TV on and discover a whole host of great dramas featuring crimes and criminals.

So, what is it about the criminal mind that fascinates us?

It would be very enlightening to have a conversation with Agatha Christie today to see what she thinks of the modern day crime writing – but also to discover why she started writing crime fiction in the first place.

Her first full-length novel was ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’, published in 1920.  It was in this book that  she introduced the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and the rest, as they say, is history!

It’s no wonder, then that heroine Janie Juke, young librarian and amateur sleuth, has been avidly following her hero Poirot, hoping to learn all there is to know about the criminal mind.

Find out how she does in the Janie Juke trilogy – The Sussex Crime Mysteries –  available now for pre-order as a compilation – at a special pre-birthday price!  Oh, did I forget to mention…on the 15th September is the great Agatha Christie’s birthday!  But until then you can grab yourself a bargain – it’s so cheap it’s criminal!


Isabella Muir

Author of the Janie Juke mystery series, as well as the short story anthology, Ivory Vellum - all available on Amazon as paperback or ebook.

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